III Symposium on the
São Francisco Craton

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After almost twelve years, since the last meeting took place, the III Symposium on the São Francisco Craton will be held in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, aiming at putting together the interested geoscientists and geoscience professionals, in order to complete an appraisement of the "state of the art" on the knowledge of the geology, geotectonics, geophysics, ore deposits and of the water, oil and gas resources of this important geological unit.

The conference will provide a forum for productive debates, where geoscientists and professionals from Brazil and those from other countries can share experiences, as well as establish new partnerships in research projects to promote the development of the mineral, water and energy resources of this crustal segment.

The symposium is being prepared by the Bahia-Sergipe section of the Brazilian Geological Society (SBG), with the effective support of the Instituto de Geociências, Federal University of Bahia (UFBA), Companhia Baiana de Pesquisa Mineral (CBPM), Secretaria da Indústria, Comércio e Mineração do Estado da Bahia (SICM), Brazilian Geological Survey (CPRM), and Petróleo Brasileiro S. A. (Petrobras).

The oral and poster presentation sections will be sequential, including, among others, the following areas of specialization: regional geology, geochemistry, isotopic geology, structural geology, geotectonics, geophysics, petrology, sedimen-tology, stratigraphy, paleontology, metallogenesis, geomorphology, hydrogeology, dimension stones, remote sensing and petroleum geology.

Field trips are being planned to provide the participants the opportunity of visiting some of the major mineral deposits, dimension stone quarries, hydrological basins and oil fields in Bahia, besides the Araçuaí and the Sergipano Fold Belts.



The first idea about the symposia on the São Francisco Craton came out in 1973, during the XXVII Brazilian Geological Congress, in Aracaju. In that event a meeting named The Precambrian of the São Francisco Craton and the Northeastern part of Brazil was carried out, organized by Juracy de Freitas Mascarenhas and Carlos Schobbenhaus. In 1979 the I Symposium on the Geology of the São Francisco Craton and its Marginal Fold Belts took place in Salvador, managed by Juracy de F. Mascarenhas in co-operation with Oscar P. G. Braun (Rio de Janeiro), Onildo J. Marini (Brasília), and Benjamim B. B. Neves (Northeast Region). In 1993 the II Symposium on the São Francisco Craton - Tectonic Evolution and Metallogenesis took place in Salvador, under the leadership of Augusto J Pedreira, Aroldo Misi and José Maria Landim Dominguez.
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